• You feel like you've maxed out on the education that conferences & workshops provide.

  • Your volume photography business is already profitable and successful, but you know you want to scale your business & skyrocket your yearly revenue. 

  • You've got the concepts, but you're ready to master the details to take your photos & your business from good to great!


Are you frustrated with setting goals and never getting anywhere?

Here's the deal

do it different - WITH emily & Rose

After the workshop, you should have a clear direction to propel your business & revenue forward for the last 2 quarters of the year.

cheers to your new business goals

A big factor to success is who you know and what you can learn from them - be part of a community of like minded business owners.  

connect with a community

Strobe techniques, utilizing gels, dramatic light fall off - nothing is off limits for the photography portion of this workshop. 

upgrade your images & lighting style

Learn how to reverse engineer your financial goals and track your numbers monthly to make sure you're hitting them.

clear, actionable steps & processes

Centerstage & Click Studios are high grossing businesses, but we pay attention to more than just yearly revenue. Profit comes first!


We've structured the workshop to give you tons of information to take home & immediately apply to your business - You'll want to take notes!

Light bulb moments on repeat 

Learn from two women supporting their families, sharing the "behind the scenes" of their businesses & killing the game in the high volume photography industry.



Photographer by trade, entrepreneur by heart - Emily's business has always revolved around the numbers. 

She began her photography career in 2011 as a wedding photographer and transitioned to the volume industry in 2020. Since then, she has added 3 full time employees and countless leagues to Click Studios' calendar, nearly tripling revenue from 2021 to 2022. 

She is passionate about sharing her tips for scaling *fast* & having a plan for where your business is going so you'll know when you've arrived. 

Emily Davis


you may have heard us speak at

Rose Coleman and her husband Timmy own Center Stage Photos in Oklahoma City.

After marriage and 3 kids, Rose and her husband decided to focus on finding freedom and with that began the birth of their new business. Targeting volume sports with dynamic imagery and clean branding, their business has grown every year since.

Their decision to totally start over on faith that they had the knowledge and the tools to create a new brand of sports photography that would separate themselves from the crowd, allow them to lose the overhead they once had in their business and kill the competition. Their success has leaded to a fully booked calendar. Lean and mean is their strategy.

Rose Coleman


Day 1
9:00am: Meet and Greet
9:30am:  Business Prospecting
10:30am Photoshoot:  Dance Inside & Sports Outside
12:00pm:  Lunch Break
1:00pm:  Goal Setting
2:00pm:  Pricing
2:30pm:  Online Sales & PhotoDay
3:30pm:  Break
4:00pm:  Shooting Pavo Tubes & Gels
5:00pm:  Cook out
6:00pm:  Shooting Outside Basketball
7:00pm:  Set up for Shoot
7:30pm:  Powder Shoot Outside 
8:30pm:  Dismissal

Day 2
9:00am:  Image Review Part 1
10:00am:  Staff Structuring and working with your Spouse
11:00am:  Watercolor Dancer Shoot
12:00pm:  Lunch Break
1:00pm:  Image Review Part 2
2:00pm:  Photomechanic & Lightroom Tips Editing with Emily
3:00pm:  Tethering & Capture One & Photoshop with Rose
4:00pm:  Outside Baseball Photoshoot
5:00pm:  Q & A
6:00pm:  Dinner break at a separate location & GOODBYES

In-Person Workshop Schedule - June

Set Specific Goals & Make A Plan To Achieve Them
Advance Your Lighting Techniques
Learn How To Scale & Build Your Team
Solidify Your Posing Flow
Gain Confidence In Direct Prospecting New Clients

at the end of the 2-day workshop you will:

A Two Day Photography & Business Workshop That Will Take You To The Next Level. 

And that’s why we’re so excited to let you in on...

June 23-24
Oklahoma City, OK

Do It Different: The Workshop

*Only available to studios working outside OKC & DFW*


For Non-Workshop Attendees:

Not able to join us at the workshop? You can still grow your business with us virtually with twice weekly coaching calls!

option #2

$199/mo for 3 months

Continue your journey after the workshop with accountability, community & two coaching calls a week on advanced topics!

For Workshop Attendees:

option #1

In Addition To The Workshop, We're Launching A 3 Month Mastermind...

In Addition
To The
A 3 Month Mastermind...

but wait,
there's more...

***Mastermind will run from july 3rd to september 21st***

That's what we want to avoid.

Over the course of the 3 month mastermind, we will continue the training from the workshop in real, tangible ways. 

You'll do homework, report on your progress, manage goals & processes.

You'll have a community of like-minded business owners for inspiration & accountability. 

Topics Include : Branding Identity in Marketing, Business Planning, Prospecting, Pricing, Dynamic Lighting, Tax Organization, Goal Setting & Hiring Employees.

How many times have you taken a class and
failed to apply the content to your business?

Let's be real for a minute, can we?

Why Should I Join The Mastermind?

During the 12-Week Mastermind:
You will be a part of the weekly class video call where Rose & Emily will teach in depth on a predetermined topic & a weekly follow up video call where we'll answer questions from the class call, do image critique, etc. 

You will also be added to a Private FB Group where real connections with likeminded business owners will happen! If you're looking for your photography tribe, this is the place to find it. 

There will also be pop-up opportunities with occasional "office hour" private video call rooms for chatting and getting individual questions answered. 

Mondays @2pm CST
1. Setting up your P&L, Setting Goals/Benchmarks (7/3)
2. Dynamic Lighting (7/10)
3. Prospecting & Marketing (7/17)
4. Hiring Staff & Working With Your Spouse (7/24)
5. Rose Shoot (Dance) (7/31)
6. Pricing & Online Sales (8/7)
7. Social Media (8/14)
8. Emily Shoots Sports (8/21)
9. Smoke & Gels w/ Emily & Rose (8/28)
10. Rose Shoots Headshots (9/4)
11. PhotoMechanic & LR w/Emily,
    PS & Capture One w/ Rose (9/11)
12. Advanced Photoshop w/ Rose (9/18)

Submit your follow up questions by Tuesday at Midnight for the Follow Up Call each week on Thursday @ 2pm CST.


Mastermind Schedule

Do the homework we send out before the workshop - - it will get you in the mindset of making big leaps and give you the information you need for the business portion of the workshop. 


This workshop will focus more on demonstration than portfolio building. Bring your gear if you'd like or leave it at home - your choice!

Do i need to bring my camera?

Yes! The $1499 price is for 1 person - if you'd like to bring a business partner or employee add on a seat for $499. ($299)

Will there be an option to bring my partner? 

Volume photographers who are serious about scaling their revenue and growing their businesses.

who is this WORKSHOP & MASTERMIND best for?



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Within weeks my mindset was transformed and I broke barriers I never thought possible!


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I waited 6 months to find the right coach and Haisley was "the one"!


for non-workshop

3 Month Mastermind


1 payment

we can't wait!


for workshop

3 Month Mastermind

The Workshop


let's do this

Workshop registration is not refundable, but is transferrable. Partcipants are responsible for selling their own ticket.